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YTEX Strings - High Performance Tennis

We have the #1 rated string on the market for spin!
We produce superior performance polyester and co-polyester strings as well as top of the line synthetic.

Spotlight of the Month

A softer co-polyester + carbon + polyethylene co-polymerized string that is then twisted is made it with exclusive patented Low Molecular Weight Technology (LMWT) and added olefins and lubricants give it a unique appearance and brilliance. This string offers you a powerful feel, while maintaining control and a “Ball Bite” sensation when it hits the ball.

This unique strings offers good ball pocketing and control, ideal for hard hitting players.

Length: 660ft/200m
Gauge: 16 (1.28mm)
Color: Lime
Construction: Top quality Co-Polyester Octagonal profile  with a special twist and with special enhancing additives for ball bite, power  control and  good  feel.
Advantages: Feel and Control
Comparison: Tour Bite; Luxilon ALU; Volkl Cyclone Tour