Quadro Twist Black  40ft 1.26 16L

Quadro Twist Black 40ft 1.26 16L

Brand: YTEX
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QuadroTwistBlack40ft 16L/1.26mm

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This is a square profile monofilament co-polymer + carbon + polyolefin string with a Thermo Foil Cooling Process finish.
This revolutionary "square" string offers exceptional and superior playing experience.
Manufactured by a dual process of extension and axial twisting, this high specification co-polyester offers awesome control and comfort from a totally unique string. The twisted profile surface will enable you to create huge amounts of spin, giving you the ultimate combination of control and power.
Quadro Twist Black has outstanding tension hold and is also highly recommended for the main or cross in a hybrid combination.

Profile: Square
Color: Black
Length: 40ft/12m
Construction: Carbon Co-Polyester
Advantange: Power combined with great control and feel.

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