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Socialtennis.com has just gone through a development period after the founder, Ralph Wylam sadly passed away in September 2015. His son Mark Wylam has since taken over and expanded the business. The business has 3 main areas which consists of Tennis / Padel Coach webpages where the coach is able to profile himself effectively in a single page website. The second section is the Tennis Club / Academy website and online court booking system function which gives the facility the access to create a full website in a well set out template with also the opportunity to be flexible if needs be. The 3rd section is all about tennis holidays and is an essential part of the business which has expanded to sell holidays to Barcelona, La Manga, and Lanzarote amongst others.

Mark Wylam MD of Socialtennis.com says "One of my main aims is to be the first business to set up an online directory of tennis coaches worldwide so that anybody anywhere in the world can find, and choose a coach to train them within a limited distance."

TennisKeeper, an iOS exclusive award winning tennis app, tracks your tennis activities, scores, footwork, swing shots, opponents, strings and teams.

Start your tennis activities from your Apple Watch. Get your swings count, strokes percentage, steps, distance covered, and heart rate while you are playing tennis. Record your opponents games style using our easy to use templates. Share your scores, notes, photos on social media. Get instant alert when you reach a new tennis milestone such as longest tennis match played.

Review your stats to learn how you are improving over time and reach your fitness goals. Interactive dashboards display your match stats, total time spent, calories burned, swings count, shots percentage, steps count, distance covered, heart rate, head to head statistics and many more.

TennisKeeper helps tennis players stay motivated and maximize their enjoyment of the sport. It makes every tennis day memorable.

Coollang Smart Tennis Sensor
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The Coollang Smart Tennis Sensor can provide tennis enthusiasts with professional sports detection and technical analysis services, helping them have a deeper understanding of their levels and play features so as to train and improve themselves in a targeted way.